Appetizers • Salads • Pasta
Pizza • Subs, Wraps, and Pitas • Mexican Fiesta


$3.95Garlic Bread
$4.95With mozzarella cheese
$5.95With mozzarella cheese and bacon

$6.95Cheese Bread
(with choice of dipping sauce - Blush, Tomato, or Meat Sauce)

$6.95Friday Bread
(garlic butter, two types of cheese, back bacon and cajun spice)

$6.95Greco’s Own Bruschetta
(garlic butter, two types of cheese, tomatoes and cajun spice)


Dress up your salad with your choice of:
House • Creamy Cucumber • Italian • Light Italian • French
Sun Dried Tomato • Blue Cheese • 1000 Island • Honey Dijon
Ranch • Low-Fat Ranch • Roasted Red Pepper • Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil

Try sunflower seeds on your salad!

Our house specialty; romaine lettuce, tossed with our freshly made dressing,
topped with croutons and real bacon bits.

Iceberg lettuce, radish, purple cabbage, carrot, tomato, cucumber and purple onions,
served with your choice of dressing .

Chef salad with ham, salami, cheese and a pickled egg, served with our
honey dijon dressing .

$8.50Cheddar Bacon
Our chef salad topped with back bacon and cheddar chunks, served with
creamy cucumber dressing .

Romaine lettuce blended with our chef salad and topped with Greek olives,
feta and our own famous Greek dressing.

Mushrooms, back bacon, pickled egg, cucumber, tomato, purple onions,
and croutons on a bed of spinach. Try this salad with balsamic vinegar & olive oil.

$9.95Spinach with Goat Cheese
Mushrooms, peppers and onions sauteed in olive oil and garlic on a bed of
baby spinach topped with goat cheese.
Try it with our roasted red pepper goat cheese dressing.

$3.50Add chicken breast strips to any salad for only
$3.50Add sliced roasted turkey breast
$4.95Add garlic shrimp


$10.95Full Order
$7.95  Half Order

To start, choose your pasta:
Linguini • Fettucini • Spinach Fettucini • Penne • Gluten-free penne
Tri-coloured fusili • Tri-coloured spaghetti • Cheese Tortellini ($3.00)

Next, choose your sauce:
Tomato • Meat sauce • Blush • Pesto • Sauteed Garlic &olive oil
Our fresh Alfredo sauce available for $1.95 more.

For an extra $3.95, you can add:
Two meatballs • Italian sausage • Chicken breast strips • Sauteed mushrooms
Sauteed mushrooms, peppers, and onions • Steamed carrots,cauliflower and broccoli

$2.25Add one large meatball
$1.25Add an extra vegetable
$2.50Add feta cheese
$4.95Add sauteed garlic shrimp
$2.25Oven baked with mozzarella

Half Portion $9.95 • Full Portion $12.95Lasagna

Half Portion $11.95 • Full Portion $15.95Pasta Primavera
Pasta topped with steamed carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli,
served with our own Alfredo sauce.

Half Portion $8.95 • Full Portion $11.95Garibaldi Canneloni
Pasta rolls stuffed with Italian sausage, spinach and seasoning,
topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella, oven baked.

Half Portion $8.95 • Full Portion $11.95Cheese Canneloni
Pasta rolls stuffed with Italian cheeses, garlic and seasoning,
topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella, oven baked.

$15.95Penne With Ginger Shrimp & Peppers
Shrimp, red, yellow and green peppers, and penne
sauteed with fresh ginger and garlic in olive oil.

$12.95Cajun Pasta
Tri-coloured spaghetti stir-fried in olive oil with zucchini, sweet peppers,
onions, fresh garlic and cajun spice.


Greco's Specialty Pizzas

Mini • 6” Small • 10” Medium • 12” Large • 14” Family • 16”
$8.85 $13.05 $17.30 $21.75 $25.50
Additional Toppings
$0.65 $0.95 $1.20 $1.50 $1.75

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, mixed peppers, black or green olives,
onions and tomatoes.

Garlic butter, mozzarella, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, onions, cajun spice.

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, back bacon, ham, mushrooms,
mixed peppers and black or green olives.

Pizza sauce, taco spice, nacho cheese, taco beef and onions,
topped with lettuce and fresh tomatoes. Jalapeno peppers are an option.

Pesto sauce, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, feta and a sprinkle of mozzarella.

BBQ Chicken
Garlic butter, nacho cheese, mixed peppers, purple onions, and chicken breast
topped with BBQ sauce.

Pizza your way Mini • 6” Small • 10” Medium • 12” Large • 14” Family • 16”
Cheese & Sauce $6.25 $9.25 $12.50 $15.75 $18.50
1 Topping $6.90 $10.20 $13.70 $17.25 $20.75
2 Toppings $7.55 $11.15 $14.90 $18.75 $22.00
3 Toppings $8.20 $12.10 $16.10 $20.25 $23.75
4 Toppings $8.85 $13.05 $17.30 $21.75 $25.50
Additional Toppings $0.65 $0.95 $1.20 $1.50 $1.75

Fresh Toppings

Pepperoni Mushrooms Mixed Peppers Ham Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Back Bacon Tomatoes Pineapple Black Olives Jalapeno Peppers
Salami Anchovies Meatballs Green Olives Hot Banana Peppers
Onions Italian Sausage Broccoli Nacho Cheese Pesto Crust
Spinach Zucchini Taco Beef Garlic Butter  
Double Cheese Chicken Breast Fajita Chicken Feta Cheese Goat Cheese

Have your pizza made to order on whole wheat or regular crust, thick or thin,
with parmesan cheese, italian herbs, cajun spice and extra sauce all at no extra cost!

Subs, Wraps, Pitas

Subs & Wraps

Whole Wheat or Regular

Half $4.50 • Full $6.50Veggie*
Half $4.50 • Full $6.50Assorted*
Half $4.50 • Full $6.50Ham*
Half $4.50 • Full $6.50Salami
Half $4.50 • Full $6.50Cheese
Half $5.00 • Full $7.50B.L.T*
Half $6.50 • Full $9.25Super
Half $6.50 • Full $9.25Philly Steak
$7.50Hot Corned Beef
$7.50Chicken (BBQ or Breast)
$7.50Hot Meatball
$7.50Hot Italian Sausage

*These subs have lettuce, tomato, onions and salt & pepper.


Available on a baked in-house Whole Wheat or White pita

$12.95Fajita Pita (Beef, Chicken, or Vegetable)

Add chicken breast to any pita for $3.50

Mexican Fiesta


$12.95Fajitas (Chicken or Beef)
Stir fried mixed peppers and onions in olive oil with fresh garlic and cajun spice.

A blend of zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, mixed peppers and onions,
stir fried in olive oil with our fresh garlic and cajun spice.

Half Portion $5.95 • Full Portion $8.50Nachos
Nachos baked with cheese served with sour cream and our house-made salsa.

Half Portion $9.95 • Full Portion $12.50Nachos Deluxe
Nachos with tomatoes, mixed peppers, onions and extra cheese,
served with sour cream and our house-made salsa.

Burrito or Enchilada
Served with sour cream, yellow rice, and refried beans.
$12.95Beef steak or Chicken
$10.95Veggie (mushroom, black olive, and broccoli)

$8.95Seven Layer Dip
A layer of each: refried beans, guacamole,sour cream, tomatoes, black olives,
onions and topped with nacho cheese. Served with nacho chips on the side.
Available cold or baked.

$7.95 •  with Chicken $11.45Quesadillas
Three flour tortillas stuffed with nacho cheese and baked.
Served with sour cream and our fresh salsa.

$1.25Additional quesadilla items:
Pepperoni Mushrooms Mixed Peppers
Ham Back Bacon Double Cheese
Tomatoes Pineapple Sun Dried Tomatoes
Black Olives Green Olives Salami
Hot Banana Peppers Anchovies Meatballs
Onions Italian Sausage Jalapeno Peppers
Broccoli Spinach Zucchini